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About the Agency

The Public Procurement Agency is an independent branch of the public service and the central procurement unit for the Government of Newfoundland and Labrador. The authority for the Agency’s operations is provided by the Public Procurement Act (Act) which outlines its mandate and role. The Chief Procurement Officer is responsible for the direct management of the Agency and ensures that all procurement activities are carried out in accordance with the Act. The Act is the primary legislation that governs procurement within the public sector.

The Agency is responsible for:

  • Acquiring commodities required by all government departments. The Chief Procurement Officer may delegate this authority, in full or in part, where it is deemed efficient to do so.
  • Joint purchasing initiatives for the coordination of a number of contracts for use by departments and other public bodies.
  • Overseeing the procurement activities of public bodies particularly with respect to supplier performance, best value analysis, compliance monitoring and reporting.
  • Providing advice and training related to the interpretation and application of the framework.
  • Developing and publishing general policies for the procurement of commodities for application by all public bodies.
  • Administering the procurement function within trade agreements.

Our Vision

The vision of the Public Procurement Agency is of an informed public sector and supplier community participating in a transparent and equal opportunity procurement environment.

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